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Author Topic: Application To join Clan  (Read 1646 times)

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Application To join Clan
« on: October 14, 2018, 12:15:39 PM »
Full Name: Viran Kavinda Fernando

Ingame Name (Handle/Alias): xX SENSEI Xx

Professional Status (Working/College/School/Self-Employed): School

Name of School/Working Place/Institute: Lakeland Inter - American School

Email Address: [email protected]

Facebook/Twitter profile link: https://twitter.com/EFBR_Leaks?s=09

Age: 17

Steam ID/Profile Link:
Primary Game interest in [x3] (CSGO/COD4/DOTA2/LOL/Overawtch/FIFA/MKX/Racing): Fortnite

Secondary Game interest in [x3] (CSGO/COD4/DOTA2/LOL/Overawtch/FIFA/MKX/Racing):

Other Games:

Preferred Gaming Genre: Third Person Shooter and FPS

The technical specification of your gaming PC and/or gaming console:
Play on a laptop
I5 7th gen
8gb RAM
2GB Nvidia gt 940mx

Where do you live (town/city and country)?: Katubedda, SriLanka

Could you make it to LAN sessions or clan meetings at least once a month? (if not, why?): Yeah sure but sometimes will be busy with school work as i am a prefect at my school

Have you been in a clan before? If so, when and for how long? Why did you leave?: No

How did you hear about us?: Ramesh Liyanage told me

Your reason for joining (please mention if you were invited by one of our members): I was invited by ramesh to join and also i have a passion for fortnite. I practice everyday to het better at this game and would love to play in a clan.
Why do you think we should recruit you?: Idk, if you think i deserve the place yeah u should and what i feel about myself is that i am dedicated to play fortnite and go ahead, playing competitively to make my mother country proud.

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Re: Application To join Clan
« Reply #1 on: November 18, 2018, 09:05:14 PM »
Have you played with any of our guys? :D 
Also, @R_L  please chime in

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Re: Application To join Clan
« Reply #2 on: November 27, 2018, 03:54:22 PM »
I heard some good thing about him :) lets take him in


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