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« on: March 04, 2016, 11:08:00 PM »
Xiphos eSports [x3] recruitment is OPEN.

Recruitment Modes:
- OPEN: Anyone and everyone may apply to join.
- SELECTIVE: Anyone and everyone may apply to join, however some Wings are invitation only.
- INVITATION ONLY: Recruitment is invitation only.
- TENTATIVE: Anyone and everyone may submit a membership application, however we cannot guarantee processing.
- CLOSED: Recruitment is closed.
Xiphos Recruitment Status last updated on 07 August 2017

How to join Xiphos eSports?

  • To join Xiphos eSports, you need to first be a registered member of the forum. You can do this by clicking the Sign Up button.
  • Once you have a forum membership, you need to create a new thread (topic) in the Recruitment board.
  • The application should contain the information for the following details. You may copy and paste it from below. Please answer honestly as this will help us process your application smoothly. Fake/incorrect information on the application can be grounds for rejecting an application.

Code: [Select]
    Full Name:
    Ingame Name (Handle/Alias):
    Professional Status (Working/College/School/Self-Employed):
    Name of School/Working Place/Institute:
    Email Address:
    Facebook/Twitter profile link:
    Steam ID/Profile Link:
    Primary Game interest in [x3] (CSGO/COD4/DOTA2/LOL/Overawtch/FIFA/MKX/Racing):
    Secondary Game interest in [x3] (CSGO/COD4/DOTA2/LOL/Overawtch/FIFA/MKX/Racing):
    Other Games:
    Preferred Gaming Genre:
    The technical specification of your gaming PC and/or gaming console:
    Where do you live (town/city and country)?:
    Could you make it to LAN sessions or clan meetings at least once a month? (if not, why?):
    Have you been in a clan before? If so, when and for how long? Why did you leave?:
    How did you hear about us?:
    Your reason for joining (please mention if you were invited by one of our members):
    Why do you think we should recruit you?:

What is the Recruitment Process at XIphos?
  • Every application will take a minimum of 2 weeks to be processed, unless it's a well-known player who is needed for an emergency tournament, or a special invitation of sorts.
  • Every recruitment application can be vouched upon by existing members in the clan. This helps identify and find out who an applicant is.
  • An application having vouches by existing clan members of the wing (division) of the applicant's primary game (ex: a new COD4 recruit getting 3 vouches from 3 existing Xiphos COD4 players, on his application) will help his/her application's validity. However any amount of vouches alone will not suffice to be recruited.
  • Every application will first be evaluated by the Wing Leader. The Wing Leader will determine the playing skill of the applicant and what category or level of play suits him/her the best.
  • Each application will thereafter be analysed by the Recruitment Managers. This to determine if the applicant's values and standards are suitable to the ethics and standards set by Xiphos eSports. The Recruitment Managers may use any publicly available knowledge about the applicant and/or other means to determine this.
  • After both the Wing Leader and Recruitment Manager have provided positive feedback on the application, a Clan Administrator will thereafter verify all details and provide the final approval and post the Welcome message for the application.

Applications that do not get enough vouches or positive feedback
Any applicant that does not receive enough vouches on the application can still be accepted to the Clan as a probationary clan member called an "Apprentice". This may occur if the application:
- does not get enough vouches (recommendations) but gets positive feedback by the Wing Leader and/or Recruitment Manager after his evaluation.
- is of an applicant who is not well-known in the community and cannot be personally vouched for by any Wing Leader, Staff or Recruitment Manager.
- is of an applicant who is known to switch clans on a regular basis.

*This will not affect players that are invited to a team, as long as the Team Captain and Wing Leader can both personally vouch for the player.

**An Apprentice has limited entitlements within the clan.

How to get vouched and process the application faster
Receiving a vouch is considered an endorsement by an existing Clan Member on the applicant's suitability to join the clan. Getting to know existing clan members is key to receiving the sufficient number of vouches. It is also important to stay active on the forums after posting your application.

Things to keep in mind when applying for membership to Xiphos
  • Please be informed that the possibility for the applicant to participate in LAN sessions, outings, etc is encouraged and will provide an advantage for the applicant to be accepted.
  • Any reasons for not being able to participate in LAN sessions, etc (ex: Parents, Living too far, etc) need to be honestly mentioned in the application.
Here at Xiphos we take our gaming seriously but at the same time value the spirit of brotherhood and loyalty towards each other. This is where we stand out from other clans. In general, we expect every clan member to be of service to the clan by either playing competitive LAN or online tournaments representing Xiphos or be present for meetups, LAN sessions, tournaments, etc to cheer and motivate our teams and players. Put in simple terms, we need people who would embrace and fit in well with what Xiphos has best to offer, the Brotherhood!

How will I know that I am accepted to Xiphos?
The outcome of the application will be announced on the forum topic and applicants should not continue to spam or canvass the forums for vouches (eg: pls giff vouches), etc.

Conditions of Immediate Application Rejection
1. You are a confirmed and formal member of another clan.
2. You take too long to respond. After you have posted your application, you will need to respond to all application-related queries asked by clan members within 10 days or your application will be rejected.
3. You have a criminal record and/or have been involved in casual yet criminal activities, deemed criminal under Sri Lankan law.
4. If you have applied before and your application was cancelled 2 times or rejected previously for any (but not limited to) the reasons given above.
5. You have lied in any of the details provided on your application.

All Xiphos eSports Members are bound by our Global Membership Agreement. Please read it at your leisure and if you are not willing to abide by any single clause on it, save us all the trouble and avoid applying for membership!
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